[Interest] Qt5.1+, custom QQuickItem with text, not using QPainter?

Charley Bay charleyb123 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 16:57:36 CET 2013

I'm deriving from QQuickItem (in C++) to implement custom controls in
Qt5.0.1, and I'd like to render text.

I don't want to use QQuickPaintedItem (a very simple solution)-- I
understand and endorse the OpenGL API of the new QML Scene Graph, and will
need many thousands of components, and don't want to rely upon QPainter.

I can wait for Qt5.1 APIs.

I assume there will be (soon) be some "factory" that would instantiate
"QSGTexture" instances from text-strings, so I'd guess it's not worth me
implementing such a thing (if that will soon be added to the Qt5.1 APIs)?

And, what is the expected design/approach for future Qt releases that
require text-rendering in QQuickItem-derived classes?  If not the
"QSGTexture-factory" that creates-from-text, would the primitive API for
the QML "Text{}" component be exposed to C++ QQuickItem-derived classes?

Would it (for now) be good to have a (temporary) work-around where my C++
QQuickItem-derived class merely embeds a QML "Text{}" component until the
(assumed-new-text-rendering-QSGTexture) APIs are available from C++ (and
will these be Qt5.1)?

I'm just trying to understand "text" options (now and future-intended) in a
world that does *not* use QPainter.


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