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Sensei senseiwa at gmail.com
Sat Jun 29 13:17:15 CEST 2013

Yes John, I'm on a Mac.

I think you're right. After dumping the whole event chain, I clearly see
that events are clustered: if there isn't a delay between them (I am fast
and constant dragging the window around), I get only one event when my
speed slows down.

So there's nothing I can do, right?

On Friday, June 28, 2013, John Weeks wrote:

> It sounds like you're trying to make two windows stay glued together. We
> have a similar problem. I have a similar solution, too. It works great on
> Windows, but on Macintosh the follower window waits until the mouse stops
> moving and then catches up.
> Is your problem on Macintosh?
> That behavior is unavoidable because Cocoa simply doesn't deliver the
> necessary events to Qt in a timely fashion. I know this because I found
> complaints about it on the Cocoa developer list. I've also seen no
> indication that Apple thinks its a problem.
> Dear all,
> I've posted some time ago a question about moving widgets simultaneously.
> However, the proposed solutions were unsatisfactory.
> That is probably because I've expressed my needs in a non useful way. So
> here it goes.
> I need to "glue together" two widgets, so that when one moves, the other
> *simultaneously* moves.
> They should appear glued even when dragging around, fast and slow. Like if
> the "follower" is simply painted over the moving widget.
> The proposed solutions involve getting the mouse move events dealt with.
> This resulted in a visible delay, and that isn't what I want: I don't want
> to see the window moving with the follower staying still, and after few
> instants, the follower (disappearing from where it was) painted in the
> right position.
> Is there any way I can achieve this visual effect?
> Thanks & Cheers!
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