[Interest] State of the art of TUIO integration

Casimiro, Daniel C CIV NUWC NWPT daniel.casimiro at navy.mil
Wed May 29 18:23:41 CEST 2013

> > Do you want it to do something different?
> Uhm, funny thing: having almost exclusively worked with reactivision (which doesn't seem to implement the TUIO spec completely)
> my brain always assumed that objects and fiducials were the same, when of course they are not. So in this sense I'm a bit confused
> whether you project handles them.
> So I assume you are treating cursors and objects as blobs and converting them to touch points, and this is why they lack the angle
> information (which of course is not critical and easily implemented, I guess).
> So my question is: how about fiducials?

I don't have any fiducial markers, so that area of the code is undoubtedly weak. I parse the TUIO messages [1], but I don't pass that information through the Qt interface [2] because I forgot to set the "type" field in my tuio::touch_point struct [3] in [1]. If I remember correctly, there was not a one-to-one mapping between the TUIO specification and Qt types in the case of fiducial markers. The Qt documentation refers to pens.

[1] see frame_decoder::proc_set in https://github.com/dancasimiro/qtuiotouch/blob/master/src/tuio/tuio.cpp 
[2] see tuio_impl::fill_qws_touch_point in https://github.com/dancasimiro/qtuiotouch/blob/master/src/qtuiotouch.cpp
[3] see struct touch_point in https://github.com/dancasimiro/qtuiotouch/blob/master/include/tuio/tuio.hpp

I am willing to work with you fill in the missing pieces. This code is very raw, but it is a start. I couldn't find much else (to integrate TUIO with Qt) when I was searching 6 months ago.


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