[Interest] Qt, ibus and french keyboard

Guido Seifert wargand at gmx.de
Thu Nov 21 17:28:36 CET 2013

How is this related to Qt? I am afraid, you are totally wrong here
with your question. Just because some program uses an environment 
variable with 'QT' in it, does not make it a Qt related problem.
Perhaps you should ask in one of the StackOverflow forums?  
Or maybe... just maybe you might have a bit more luck in a KDE


On Thu, 21 Nov 2013 15:33:20 +0100
Clément Geiger <clement.geiger at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> One of my user on Ubuntu want to be able to input chinese using IBus. She
> also uses a french keyboard.
> Here is the problem: when she just want to type french, she can't use the
> circumflex accent (^) as we french are used to do: pressing ^ then e gives
> ê. Here it ends up being ^e.
> I looked around on the internet and found about the QT_IM_MODULE and the
> XMODIFIERS environment variables. Sure enough, launching the app with
> XMODIFIERS set to an empty string allows to enter ê as expected, but also
> completely disable IBus !
> I also saw that QT_IM_MODULE was set to xim, whereas GTK_IM_MODULE was set
> to ibus. So I tried to launch the app with QT_IM_MODULE=ibus, but that
> didnt change anything.
> Does anyone have suggestion about that ?
> Thanks a bunch !
> Clément

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