[Interest] Qt HTTP access to Exchange

Bo Thorsen bthorsen at ics.com
Wed Nov 27 11:18:06 CET 2013

Hi everyone,

I have a Qt 4.8.5 based application that grabs free busy info from an 
Exchange server. This works perfectly, or rather it did.

Now there is a user who have tried to access with a domain\user pair, 
and that fails in a weird way.

I have single stepped through all of the network code and I just can't 
find any place where this fails. It looks like Exchange just closes the 
socket without giving me an error.

My URL to the server is something like 
"https://mail.somewhere/EWS/Exchange.asmx". I sent this a post request 
with an XML body.

I can see that the receiver requests the body data, but then the line is 
silently dropped. The finished signal is emitted from the request and 
error() says there's no error.

I have tried different things for the username and password. First 
attempt is to do the same as I do for usernames without a domain:


This doesn't work for usernames with domain info.

I have also tried removing those, expecting a authenticationRequired or 
proxyAuthenticationRequired. No such call is coming.

I have also tried url encoding the domain\username but that didn't work 

I don't like admitting it, and it's been years since this last happened. 
But I'm stuck. Any help is much appreciated.

As I said, this all works perfect when there's no domain name for the 
user. So the problem is somewhere in authenticating with the Exchange 


Bo Thorsen, European Engineering Manager, ICS
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