[Interest] QCamera extended exposure parameter

cincirin cincirin at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 14:42:13 CEST 2014


I'm trying to create a Qt media service plug-in, more exactly to 
implement Canon and Nikon camera plug-in.
All main features are working well, i.e. live view, capture, viewfinder, 
But now I want to have access to all supported Canon/Nikon exposures and 
other settings.
QCameraExposure has three functions to know supportedAppertures, 
supportedIsoSensitivities and supportedShutterSpeed.
But QCameraExposureControl has a lot of other flags to find other 
exposure parameter:
QCameraExposureControl::ExposureCompensation - exposure compensation, 
specified as qreal EV value
QCameraExposureControl::ExtendedExposureParameter - the base value for 
platform specific extended parameters. For such parameters the 
sequential values starting from ExtendedExposureParameter shuld be used.

The question is what functions should be called from high level 
QCamera*(Exposure/Focus/ImageProcessing, etc) classes in order to 
QCameraExposureControl::supportedParameterRange get be called with 
aforementioned  exposure parameter.
I'm mainly interested in QCameraExposureControl::ExposureCompensation 
and QCameraExposureControl::ExtendedExposureParameter.

Thank you.

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