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Please consider reviewing gphoto2 camera plugin for QtMultimedia framework
written by me some time ago. It is LGPL-licensed and works for several
cameras I've tested yet:

Maybe it will be preferrable to you to use my plugin as base (and share
your changes :) instead of implementing whole functionality yourself.

Currently plugin supports setting the EV and ISO parameters, but I haven't
implemented reporting the settings supported by camera itself yet. The sad
thing is I haven't found any option to receive the supported exposure
compensation values in the Qt front-end classes (QCamera, QCameraExposure,
QML Camera item) despite the fact that backend QCameraExposureControl class
supports reporting it. Note that QML Camera item still doesn't have access
to the list of available ISO levels that QCameraExposure class supports :(

So IMO there is only one option for this functionality remains: implement
it yourself (still I planned to do so when I have some free time to spare)
and post it to Qt gerrit :)

2014-08-01 16:42 GMT+04:00 cincirin <cincirin at gmail.com>:

>    Hello,
> I'm trying to create a Qt media service plug-in, more exactly to
> implement Canon and Nikon camera plug-in.
> All main features are working well, i.e. live view, capture, viewfinder,
> etc.
> But now I want to have access to all supported Canon/Nikon exposures and
> other settings.
> QCameraExposure has three functions to know supportedAppertures,
> supportedIsoSensitivities and supportedShutterSpeed.
> But QCameraExposureControl has a lot of other flags to find other
> exposure parameter:
> QCameraExposureControl::ExposureCompensation - exposure compensation,
> specified as qreal EV value
> ...
> QCameraExposureControl::ExtendedExposureParameter - the base value for
> platform specific extended parameters. For such parameters the
> sequential values starting from ExtendedExposureParameter shuld be used.
> The question is what functions should be called from high level
> QCamera*(Exposure/Focus/ImageProcessing, etc) classes in order to
> QCameraExposureControl::supportedParameterRange get be called with
> aforementioned  exposure parameter.
> I'm mainly interested in QCameraExposureControl::ExposureCompensation
> and QCameraExposureControl::ExtendedExposureParameter.
> Thank you.
> Regards,
>      Marius
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С уважением, Борис.
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