[Interest] Best way to build Qt5 distribution for internal development

Adam Light aclight at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 23:19:01 CEST 2014


On Fri, Aug 8, 2014 at 7:39 AM, Michael Jackson <imikejackson at gmail.com>

> In the past I have provided my developers with a custom build of Qt 4.8.x
> for their VS version (2010, 2012, 2013) all 64 bit versions. This was done
> via a combination of a self compile and creating an installer using the Qt
> Installer Framework. The basics are this:
We do something similar, though in our case a git checkout of the Qt
source, as well as a few sync scripts I built, are checked into a
Subversion repository. All of our developers check out from the Subversion
repository and then run the sync script, which uses rsync to get the build
and install files from our server.

We have both a Qt 4.8.6 and 5.4-dev build built with VS2013 as well as Mac
OSX builds and this process works pretty well for us.

> I am using the following to configure through a "Visual Studio 2013 x64
> Command Prompt"
> configure -opensource -confirm-license -shared -debug-and-release -prefix
> C:/Developer/x64/Qt-5.3.1-x64 -skip webkit -platform win32-msvc2013
The config command we use (from the VS2013 x64 command prompt) is:
set MACHINE=x64
c:\qtbuild5\qt\configure -confirm-license -make-tool jom -debug-and-release
-opensource -gui -widgets -opengl desktop -mp -prefix

In our case the git checkout of Qt is at C:\qtbuild5\qt.

After configure, I execute:
jom install

Then I run a script that rsyncs from my build machine to the server to
upload the build products to the server. My C:\qtbuild5\install\win64\bin
directory contains assistant.exe, designer.exe, etc.

I've never dealt with creating installers but I'm not sure why you'd need
to do anything significantly different for Qt 5 than what you did for Qt 4
unless the installer technology has changed.

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