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Tue Aug 26 15:14:32 CEST 2014


I try to retrieve strings from db with QODBC (QT 5.3.1 windows).
Database locale is en_US.819 (and ODBC driver does not work if client
locale is not set to en_US.819). Strings (stored by windows application in
db) are cp1250 encoded.

And instead of "doručené" I got "doru?en?".

Here is part of my code:


  QTextCodec *codec_db = QTextCodec::codecForName("latin1");

  QSqlRecord rec = query.record();

  qDebug() << "test: " << "doručené";

  while (query.next()) {

    for (int x = 0; x < rec.count(); x++) {

      QVariant variant = query.value(x);

      if (rec.value(x).type() == QMetaType::QString) {

        QByteArray encodedString = codec_db->fromUnicode(variant.toByteArray());

        qDebug() << "db_str: " << encodedString;




How can I fix encoding of db output?

PS: In python 3.4.1 I am able to get correct output (via pyodbc) with this:

    print("db_str:", db_str.encode('latin1').decode('cp1250'))

But I would prefer to use C++ and QT5...

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