[Interest] QML standard components for mobile

Daniel França daniel.franca at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 12:51:19 CET 2014

Hi all,
I started learning QML and would like to ask for some directions.
My purpose is for mobile development, I've already done a few projects
using Qt/C++ for desktop, but I didn't code anything for mobile.

The first thing I was trying to find is if there's already some standard
mobile components for qml, like side menu, button bars, grids, etc.
Something that would make easier to have a mockup on Fluid or something
similar, and then implement it on QML.
Would be great to have components that'll look native at IOS and Android,
or at least something like a "Bootstrap" for QML.

or if I should do implement this components myself.

I tried to search for a set of components like that but couldn't find
I'm reading this book btw: http://qmlbook.org/

Thanks for any help.
Daniel França
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