[Interest] Multiplatform solution for systray

Alejandro Exojo suy at badopi.org
Wed Dec 10 15:57:41 CET 2014

El Wednesday 10 December 2014, Daniel França escribió:
> I'm doing a QML/C++ application that I want to be able to run on
> Linux/Mac/Windows/Android/IOS.
> I'm doing the development on a Ubuntu 14.10 and I wanted to show a timer
> for the desktop versions on system tray, that means a system tray icon that
> changes dynamically.
> The first problem I got is: Ubuntu seems to have banned applications to
> show on system tray, only a white list of apps are allowed, they want you
> to use the lib notify, but it doesn't seems to work for what I intend to
> do.

You'll have to conditionally decide if you want to use a QSystemTrayIcon or 
not. You'll pretty much have to do something similar if you want to support a 
mobile phone, where you probably don't even want to link to QtWidgets.

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