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Alejandro Exojo suy at badopi.org
Thu Dec 11 12:17:40 CET 2014

El Wednesday 10 December 2014, Daniel França escribió:
> The just launched Qt5.4 come with a "flat light" style for Qt Quick
> Controls :D
> It seems it'll help to achieve what I want, but I can't find any
> documentation about those pre-defined styles.
> Every time I search for something related I end up here:
> http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtquick-controls-styles-qmlmodule.html
> What seems a much more manual way of set your styles, how can I easy give
> my controls this new "flat light" style? Or any other pre-defined style?

Did you read the blog post that Samuel linked to?

Quote from it:

> Unfortunately, the Material theme support is not yet on an acceptable
> level. Qt 5.4.0 applications will therefore default to the Holo theme on
> Android 5.0.

There are instructions on the different possibilites on Android.

Answering a bit the first message: use QtQuick Controls as much as you can for 
now. For now you'll only have buttons, sliders, a stack view, layouts, etc. 
You don't have more deep integration with the OS because is pretty difficult, 
so you'll have to add it manually on a case by case. For example, this blog 
post shows a really slick navigation drawer for Android:


The sizes where a bit inappropiate for a tablet in my case, so there are rough 
edges, but hopefully things will improve even more. For now you'll have to 
resort to rolling your own. I can't say for iOS, but on Android almost all 
applications that I use seem to use their own kind of controls. There is very 
little consistency, and users seem to not care.

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