[Interest] Qt 5.x and Plugin-Build-Key

Christoph Cullmann cullmann at absint.com
Mon Dec 22 16:28:41 CET 2014


for our commercial application, we ship the Qt dynamic libraries in our package,
as we can't rely on the system libs to be up-to-date enough.

In Qt 4.x, we used the build-key of the plugins to disallow qt plugins of the system
to be loaded, should there be some Qt 4.x stuff installed.


For Qt 5.x, that "feature" seems to have gone.

If I now install our application on some system having e.g. KF5 installed,
it will instantly segfault on launch as it will find the platform integration
plugin of KF5 (that is linked against system Qt5 that is not compatible to our build,
because of different g++ and Co.)

Is there a way to block any loading of plugins not bundled like in Qt 4.x with the build-key?
(Without relying on some shell script purging QT_PLUGIN_... env vars?)


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