[Interest] How do I use custom Paint Engine/Device globally?

Agocs Laszlo Laszlo.Agocs at digia.com
Mon Feb 3 13:28:24 CET 2014

You could change the platform plugin so that the QPlatformBackingStore implementation's paintDevice() returns your custom QPaintDevice implementation. This paint device would then be paired with your custom paint engine. This way all non-GL toplevels will use your engine/device.

This approach will not work for Quick 2 and any other OpenGL-based code.

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Subject: [Interest] How do I use custom Paint Engine/Device globally?

If I write my own implementation of QPaintEngine/QPaintDevice, how can I make Qt use them in my application without sub-classing all used widgets? I want to render all Qt graphics through a 3rd party library. I guess the answer would also depend on whether I want to use usual widgets, or Qt Quick, and I would like to know it for both those cases, if they are at all different.

Specifically, I would like to try to render Qt through Allegro library to use it for game GUI.
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