[Interest] New window in Qt makes the application activate

william.crocker at analog.com william.crocker at analog.com
Tue Feb 4 13:14:04 CET 2014

On 02/03/2014 11:32 PM, Mandeep Sandhu wrote:
>     As part of a (partly mistaken) emulation of some ancient Macintosh API's I
>     was calling QWidget::activateWindow(). If the application is not active,
>     that both makes the window active, and it makes the application active. I
>     guess it's debatable whether activateWindow() should activate the
>     application. I expected that it would just make the window the active window
>     (painted with active appearance, ready to accept focus, title bar buttons
>     with active appearance, etc.) or ready to be the active window when the
>     application activated. The application can be activated via a click in the
>     Dock icon, which doesn't select a window to be the active window, so
>     whatever was active (or made active when the application is not active?)
>     previously now becomes the active window.

What does it mean to "activate the application".

Isn't it just a question of whether the app
steals the keyboard focus?

That is the problem I have had in the past. My users
want the option of starting up my app (and a window appearing),
but without stealing the keyboard focus. (Don't remember
if I was ever able to do that.)


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