[Interest] New window in Qt makes the application activate

John Weeks john at wavemetrics.com
Tue Feb 4 17:51:23 CET 2014

On 04-Feb-2014, at 5:47 AM, Rutledge Shawn wrote:

>> What does it mean to "activate the application".
>> Isn't it just a question of whether the app
>> steals the keyboard focus?
> It means to bring it to the foreground so that it has an active-looking titlebar.  On OSX, it might also mean bring all the application's windows in front, and maybe even steal focus (but it's good that's not recommended), depending on options.

And on Mac OS X, it means that the menu bar (there's only one for the entire computer) is the menu bar defined by that application.

The behavior that we particularly objected to was the part where one or more windows are brought to the top and steal keyboard focus. You've started some long computation that every so often creates a new graph window; since it's long, you work on e-mail while waiting. All of sudden you're typing into a graph window instead of your e-mail.

-John Weeks

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