[Interest] Qt-5.2.1 builds with mingw-w64

Alexey Pavlov alexpux at gmail.com
Fri Feb 7 11:47:41 CET 2014

I'm pleased to announce my new Qt5 builds based on Qt-5.2.1.

*32-bit:*  x32-Qt-5.2.1+QtCreator-3.0.1-(gcc-4.8.2-dwarf).7z<http://sourceforge.net/projects/mingwbuilds/files/external-binary-packages/Qt-Builds/x32-Qt-5.2.1%2BQtCreator-3.0.1-%28gcc-4.8.2-dwarf%29.7z/download>

*64-bit:*  x64-Qt-5.2.1+QtCreator-3.0.1-(gcc-4.8.2-seh).7z<http://sourceforge.net/projects/mingwbuilds/files/external-binary-packages/Qt-Builds/x64-Qt-5.2.1%2BQtCreator-3.0.1-%28gcc-4.8.2-seh%29.7z/download>

Builds contains:

   - Qt-5.2.1
   - Qt Creator 3.0.1
   - mingw-w64 toolchain based on GCC-4.8.2: SEH - for 64-bit, DWARF - for
   - GDB-7.7 with Python-2.7.6

Every archive contain all developers files for every program that used in

Qt-5.2.1 builded with:

   - OpenGL=desktop
   - DB plugins: firebird, mysql, postgresql
   - with openssl
   - with harfbuzz
   - with DBus

After unpack archive just run qtbinpatcher.exe to patch hardcoded PATHs.
Then you can run QtCreator.

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