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Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Fri Feb 7 08:39:05 CET 2014

Em sex 07 fev 2014, às 07:02:34, Rutledge Shawn escreveu:
> OK maybe not in QPA itself… but we have other modules that go a little into
> system management territory, like Bearer Management, Bluetooth device
> discovery, sensors, system info etc.  (As it is, I also wish the Bluetooth
> support were a bit more complete: you can discover devices but you can't
> actually complete the pairing, AFAICT.  Is it because someone thought
> that's going too far, or because it's extra work remaining to be done?)

System info is not management. Even bearer management is mostly about being 
notified of connections -- outside of Nokia devices, you don't ask to connect 

Qt API is not meant to configure network interfaces, create new bluetooth 
pairings, format hard drives, close other applications, change display 
resolution, etc.

> Writing a portable task manager would be a nice thing to be able to do with
> Qt Quick.  The portability is the challenging part which is not done AFAIK
> (or did KDE do it already?)  It could of course be in an add-on module.

I disagree. Any system already has a task manager, so I don't see the point of 
writing a new, portable one, whether the original one is written with Qt or 
not. And in any case, the user is only running one at a time, so that mostly 
rules out the need for a Qt API. If you can't come up with 3 different types of 
applications using that API, it probably shouldn't be in Qt. (3 task managers 
don't count as 3 different types of applications)

Not that you can't write something with Qt, with a very Qt-like API and 
publish for others to use. But don't expect it to be part of the Qt 

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