[Interest] qmlx11 plugin

Rutledge Shawn Shawn.Rutledge at digia.com
Fri Feb 7 08:02:34 CET 2014

On 5 Feb 2014, at 6:22 PM, Thiago Macieira wrote:

> Em qua 05 fev 2014, às 14:59:23, Rutledge Shawn escreveu:
>> Personally I wish we had some of that as QPA APIs (at least window list and
>> window icons), but of course it assumes that we can do the same thing on
>> the other platforms.  In my experience, the window list is tricky stuff on
>> X11 though, because there are so many windows you don't normally want to
>> show in a task list.
> Only the task manager should really care about what other windows are open and 
> what their icons are. That's not a feature for Qt.

OK maybe not in QPA itself… but we have other modules that go a little into system management territory, like Bearer Management, Bluetooth device discovery, sensors, system info etc.  (As it is, I also wish the Bluetooth support were a bit more complete: you can discover devices but you can't actually complete the pairing, AFAICT.  Is it because someone thought that's going too far, or because it's extra work remaining to be done?)

Writing a portable task manager would be a nice thing to be able to do with Qt Quick.  The portability is the challenging part which is not done AFAIK (or did KDE do it already?)  It could of course be in an add-on module.

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