[Interest] [OS X] State of Qt Mac Extras?

Till Oliver Knoll till.oliver.knoll at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 15:39:45 CET 2014

Am 10.02.2014 um 13:00 schrieb deDietrich Gabriel <Gabriel.deDietrich at digia.com>:

> ...
> Those functions were moved to QtCore before 5.2.0.
> https://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qtbase/commit/2b65bba77d4705d49a01a25350de64d153808504

Yes, indeed, I just missed the NSString conversion functions here:


So it is really just the Qt docs of the Qt Mac Extra module which need to be re-generated (updated) accordingly, as they still advertise the (non-existent) function QtMac::to|fromNSString (and to|fromNSURL, which is now part of the QUrl class):



Thanks, Oliver
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