[Interest] QVideoProbe Woes

Jason H scorp1us at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 10 22:34:40 CET 2014

By the way, remember our "burning platform" conversation from a week before the Nokia/MS announcement was made? I predicted Android. Now, it looks like it finally came to pass!


Though my N9 is still my favorite phone ever, though I no longer use it (bad battery). 

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Em seg 10 fev 2014, às 09:09:15, Jason H escreveu:
> Ok thanks. I can work with that.
> But, I know very little of GL. How would I convert from GL texture ID to
> say, a QImage or QVideoFrame? I would suspect that the reason that
> QVideoProbe is so not cross platform is this very reason, would that be
> true? 

You wouldn't. Keep it in GL.

For anything related to video, assume that you will never get access to the 
actual pixels, either because of DRM or because it would just be too slow for 
the CPU. Any and every transformation that you need to do with the video must 
be done with OpenGL, directly on the GPU.

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