[Interest] Fastest Way to convert a QVideoFrame to an QImage?

Jason H scorp1us at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 13 03:09:07 CET 2014

ZBar, it only takes Y800 or 8bpp gray to the barcode scanning functions.

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> ...
> Really, All I need is 2D 8bpp gray to pass off to the library. 

Sorry, I missed that part: which library are we now talking about? An external one (!= Qt). Your own?

If the later: couldn't you not simply write your 8bit greyscale data into a plain vanilla char * buffer instead of trying to squeeze it back into a QImage (which apparently does not support "non-indexed 8bit greyscale" format)? Who processes that greyscale image in the end? Your own code? Or some other code you cannot modify?


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