[Interest] qmake project file questions

Thomas Sevaldrud thomas at silentwings.no
Thu Feb 13 23:10:22 CET 2014

Hi, I have a question about scope tests in .pro files. The following .pro
file behaves a bit differently than I expected:

files =\

   foo.cpp \

   foo.h \

   bar.cpp \


for(file, files) {

   contains(file, '.*.h') {

      message(header = $$file)

      HEADERS *= $$file


   contains(file, '.*.cpp') {

      message(source = $$file)

      SOURCES *= $$file



When I run this in Qt Creator I see the messages as I would expect:

Project MESSAGE: source = foo.cpp

Project MESSAGE: header = foo.h


It runs through everything twice, but that's becuause it generates both
debug and realease I guess.

However, the problem is that all the files are added to both HEADERS and
SOURCES. It appears that the HEADERS and SOURCES assignments simply ignore
the contains()-check, even though they are placed inside the scopes of
these checks?

What am I doing wrong here?

- Thomas
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