[Interest] Qt5: single- vs double-click file/folder-open behaviour on KDE4/Linux

Alan Ezust alan.ezust at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 17:53:48 CET 2014

In the KDE3 days, whenever my source-built (or binary downloaded) versions
of Qt4 behaved differently than the debian builds with respect to my KDE
preferences for mouse-click-open files and folders behaviour, I could fix
it by running "qtconfig" and changing it from single to a double-click
(which is how I like things).

I can't even find that option anymore in Qt 4.8.5's qtconfig tool, and in
Qt 5.2, there is no qtconfig tool at all.

I assume KDE4 can't pick up styles from Qt5, but is there some way to get
Qt5 apps to respect these style options in KDE4?

And how do I select a preferred style, settings for Qt5 apps now that there
is no qtconfig?
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