[Interest] Qt Maintenance Tool vs Online Installer

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Fri Feb 14 20:28:03 CET 2014

Em sex 14 fev 2014, às 10:14:00, Alan Ezust escreveu:
> I wanted to update from Qt 5.2.0 to Qt 5.2.1 on Linux.
> I ran MaintenanceTool and it spent about 3 minutes contacting the server
> before it told me it had to update
> itself. Then it did, it restarted, spent another 3 minutes looking for
> updates, and the told me I had one for QtCreator. But no update for Qt.
> So I let it update QtCreator.

The problem here is that it didn't find the Qt update, for some reason. 
Everything else you report below is inconsequential: if the maintenance tool 
had updated Qt, none of the problems would apply.

Also note the problem might not be in the tool, but in the server-side 

> Then I downloaded a newer online installer (linux) and ran that to install
> Qt 5.2.1.
> It won't let me un-check qtcreator even though I just updated it.

That's a known issue that is declared "design decision". The Qt installers are 
inherited from old Nokia-era "Qt SDK". The minimum thing you need for the SDK 
is the IDE, as you can pick and choose your combination of Qt targets. 
Therefore, you cannot uncheck Creator.

> It also won't let me install Qt 5.2.1 right next to Qt 5.2,  (my previous
> install location was /usr/local/Trolltech) so I am forced to choose a
> different directory, and download the latest QtCreator again!
> The Maintenance tool great for updating qtcreator but what's the point if
> you always have to download qtcreator again each time you get a newer Qt?
> And why can't the online installer be a maintenance tool and let you
> install updates?

That's a good question.

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