[Interest] Qt Maintenance Tool vs Online Installer

Jason H scorp1us at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 17 19:00:21 CET 2014

Online installer stalls for whatever reason. The offline installer always works, and can be passed around between machines 

I think you miss my point. I want:

One maint tool to rule them all.

I'm not sure the way its done now makes any sense with the point you make, as I would get:



Which I think we both agree is wrong.

Really, I think the default should change to be /opt/Qt -- without a version.
And the offline installer should be able to handle my desired scenario, by simply replacing the maintence tool in /opt/qt and incorporating any prior Qt versions found in /opt/qt

Of course I am assuming that after continued releases, we would eventually have:



Which makes little sense to me. I would also be fine with a /opt/Qt5/5.3.0/ or /opt/Qt5/3.0/ 

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> I've complained about the offline installer path too. I want stuff in a qt
> directory, for me, under opt. But if you cage the path to be opt/qt the first
> install does what I want and I get opt/qt/5.2.0 so then I install 5.2.1, set the
> path as opt/qt and it complains that there I s already a qt there. Without the
> check it would do what I want and give me opt/qt/5.2.1.

Well, it would also probably mess up your 5.2.0 installation. One installation/maintenance tool is supposed to manage every package under its directory, and will also e.g. nuke the complete directory when uninstalled. 

I'm afraid the installer isn't really up to what you want :(

> Maybe the maintenance too sould get its own directory under qt? Seems
> reasonable?

That wouldn't change the core of the problem. Every installer/maintenance tool is a sort of package manager, and it's just not a good idea to let multiple package managers manage the same packages ...

Just out of interest, is there a specific reason you don't want to use one online installer managing all Qt versions?


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