[Interest] running unit tests that use QWidgets no longer works over ssh on osx with QT5

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Tue Feb 18 21:23:17 CET 2014

Em ter 18 fev 2014, às 19:52:18, Teemu Patja escreveu:
> I undestand the QT CI system is built on top of Jenkins. With Jenkins the
> common way for connecting OSX build slaves is over SSH.
> Can you share how you are using the OSX build slaves for these tests?
> To clarify, the show stopper is not the headlessness, but rather pasteboard
> access with QT >= 5.

The show stopper is headlessness. You need to make sure that you can start 
regular OS X applications via SSH.

Ssh into your machine and run this:
$ open /Applications/Calculator.app

Make sure it shows in the display of that machine.
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