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Adam Light aclight at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 18:17:52 CET 2014

My company is currently working on a major rewrite of our application using
Qt. We started the rewrite about 3 years ago and we are currently using Qt
4.8.5. We have done some testing using Qt 5.2 but we have found (and
reported) a number of bugs and regressions, especially on Macintosh
(though, to be fair, some bugs that affect us in Qt 4.8 are not present in

Our program runs on Windows and Macintosh. If all goes well, we will
release the final application within a year from now.

We typically release a new major version of the application approximately
every 3 years.

We are trying to decide when, and if, we should switch to Qt 5. I've looked
online for a Qt 4 roadmap that extends into the future but haven't found
anything. Is one available? For long can we reasonably expect Qt4 updates
to continue? We are using the LGPL licensed version of Qt and we don't have
commercial support from Digia.

Thanks for any information
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