[Interest] pyotherside is Awesome

Charley Bay charleyb123 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 20 00:18:11 CET 2014

Just a "heads-up", but I spent the last couple weeks playing around with
"pyotherside", which binds a Python engine into QML ("pyotherside" is
deployed as a C++ compiled QML plugin).

I am really impressed.  It is really awesome -- it integrates well, is easy
to use, and we can now put QML applications on top of our Python code
bases.  (We are mostly a C++ shop, and we're mostly doing C++ plugins, but
Python is handy for internal tools and prototyping.)

Main web site:

Latest docs (v1.2):

DevDays 2013 Berlin talk here:

I'm not affiliated with the project -- I'm just tickled at how well it
integrates into QML.  I didn't realize it existed until KDAB put the Berlin
talks online.

As a silly thought-experiment, IMHO the QML/Javascript is a
"better-Javascript" because it's strongly-typed and the new QML/JS engine
is "more-integrated" leading to greater possible bytecode/speed/packaging
features in the future.  However, I'm somewhat curious what the Qt
community would think about making "Python" a first-class-citizen in the
QML world.  If we did, I'd probably vote for an API that looks like that
provided through "pyotherside".  I have a general "fear/trepidation" with
putting more-than-trivial logic into Javascript, but I'm less concerned
about scaling logic through Python.

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