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I took a look at the video. As I'm a HUGE python fan. But I have no idea what this is about. At best, it allows you to access python libraries when JavaScript falls short, in effect keeping the QML for presentation and doing more in Python... But we already have something to use when JS falls short: C++ and all its libraries. When I saw the code examples, I thought "Eew, you got your python in my QML!" The fact that you have to enclose all the python strings in quotes is horrid.

I think a better approach would have been to drop JS entirely (kill the JS Engines) and go with python. Though, I don't know how this would really be different from what we have today. I argue for python a lot, but not this time. 

I used to code PyQt apps, and loved it. It was fantastically easy. Then I used Jython and that was great.  I however will not be using this. It's just 'off'. I could be missing the point, and if I am, please tell me!

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Just a "heads-up", but I spent the last couple weeks playing around with "pyotherside", which binds a Python engine into QML ("pyotherside" is deployed as a C++ compiled QML plugin).

I am really impressed.  It is really awesome -- it integrates well, is easy to use, and we can now put QML applications on top of our Python code bases.  (We are mostly a C++ shop, and we're mostly doing C++ plugins, but Python is handy for internal tools and prototyping.)

Main web site:

Latest docs (v1.2):

DevDays 2013 Berlin talk here:

I'm not affiliated with the project -- I'm just tickled at how well it integrates into QML.  I didn't realize it existed until KDAB put the Berlin talks online.

As a silly thought-experiment, IMHO the QML/Javascript is a "better-Javascript" because it's strongly-typed and the new QML/JS engine is "more-integrated" leading to greater possible bytecode/speed/packaging features in the future.  However, I'm somewhat curious what the Qt community would think about making "Python" a first-class-citizen in the QML world.  If we did, I'd probably vote for an API that looks like that provided through "pyotherside".  I have a general "fear/trepidation" with putting more-than-trivial logic into Javascript, but I'm less concerned about scaling logic through Python.


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