[Interest] QtProperty System

André Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Fri Feb 21 12:50:51 CET 2014

Bo Thorsen schreef op 21-2-2014 12:33:
> Den 21-02-2014 09:01, Graham Labdon skrev:
>> Hi
>> I have been reading about Qt's property system, in particular the NOTIFY optional specifier.
>> Can NOTIFY be used with non Qml/QtQuick applications?
> You can, but it doesn't do anything unless you code this yourself. The
> NOTIFY just tells the introspection what signal is used to notify
> changes. Unless you use this information for something yourself, it is
> useless.
> QML uses this to update the bindings. You can do something similar yourself.
I always consider Qt properties as mostly a conceptual bundeling of a 
set of related methods. You conceptually bind together a number of 
methods that read, write, reset or notify on changes of a value. That 
bundling may be used to do tricks like QML bindings or implement things 
like property editors via introspection, but for me, in its core, it is 
mainly a tool that expresses such conceptual relations between methods 
in the syntax. Just seeing a Q_PROPERTY specified like that, will tell 
any user of your code (including you yourself in a year from now) about 
the relations the methods in it have and what they are for, thus making 
your code easier to understand.


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