[Interest] Finished resizing a window?

Jason H scorp1us at yahoo.com
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Also, note that the Qt event loop will collapse all pending resizes into one final one. 

You should be able to block updating the layouts until the timer expires. Its been a while but you'll need to subclass the window and don't call the base class resizes until the timer is done.

I don't think the below will work, but like I said, it's been a whole for me working with widgets. 

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Hi John, 
I would suggest a short single-shot timer roughly:
                if !mTimer.isRunning
                if !mTimer.isRunning
timer slot:
I'm not sure whether overriding the paintEvent is enough to prevent the child widgets from painting. 
Good luck - please let the group know what you decide with this. 
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Subject: [Interest] Finished resizing a window?
We have windows in our application that are potentially expensive to repaint, so when the user resizes a window we may need to put off repainting until the resizing is finished. It seems that we don't get mouse down/mouse up events when the user clicks in the window frame/resize grip area, so I can't wait until mouse up.
Is that correct?
Is there a solution to this?
-John Weeks

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