[Interest] Finished resizing a window?

Sean Harmer sh at theharmers.co.uk
Tue Feb 25 16:58:44 CET 2014

On Monday 24 February 2014 13:56:01 John Weeks wrote:
> We have windows in our application that are potentially expensive to
> repaint, so when the user resizes a window we may need to put off
> repainting until the resizing is finished. It seems that we don't get mouse
> down/mouse up events when the user clicks in the window frame/resize grip
> area, so I can't wait until mouse up.
> Is that correct?
> Is there a solution to this?
> Thanks!
> -John Weeks

One option is to grab the window contents upon the first resize event, do a 
crude scaling using that. In your resize handler trigger a timer that when it 
expires does a "real" resize and update of your content. If you get another 
resize event before this timer fires, reset the timer.



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