[Interest] terrible font rendering with QtQuick

bane yue baneyue at gmail.com
Tue May 27 12:07:17 CEST 2014


    I  was working on a QtQuick application which will run on $MS windows.
My app
is *almost* done and  everything was fine until yesterday after i decided
to deploy it
to other PC for testing.

    The problem is the font render, it's really bad on 3 windows XP and 1
windows 7,
it looks exactly the same with this one:

    My Working Env:
    Windows 7 64bit
    Qt 5.2.1 mingw

    Now, I have tried these method:
    1. change font. [Not Working]
    2. set `renderType: Text.NativeRendering`. [Not Working]
    3. add system environment variable: `QML_DISABLE_DISTANCEFIELD`. [looks
better, but still vary bad]
    4. change Qt toolchains to Qt 5.0.1(the same version but working to the
bugreporter), Qt 5.3.0 [Not Working]

    The bug report was not updated since it was "Reported", and I can't
emil to the reporter
because i cannot get his email on that site, so anyone could tell me if
there's something
i can do to make it better?

    (please CC to me cause i'm not subscribe to this list)

screenshot of Qt demo working on Windows XP:
    1.  http://imagebin.org/311875
    2.  http://imagebin.org/311876

Evince Moi
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