[Interest] Testing with Windows Phone, first impressions

Matthias Degenkolb matthias.degenkolb at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 5 07:56:28 CET 2015


also played with my Lumia 630 and Qt 5.4 in the last days.
I can successfully build and deploy Non-Qt Apps with Visual Studio 2013,
also I manage to build & deploy a Qt-based app to the Windows Phone.

- I cannot debug. From some postings I saw that you have to convert the
.pro to Visual Studio project (for debugging?), however Visual Studio
Express always says it cannot open the created .vcxproj file (something
like "this edition does not support native projects" --> but I can use
C++-based Windows Phone projects without issues ...).
- The app runs smoothly on Win32 (mingw) and Android (ok, Qt 5.3.2, haven't
tried Android and 5.4 yet). However on Windows Phone I see the Qt splash
screen (it doesn't show on other platforms) and then everything stays white.

Combining the 2 findings Qt for Windows Phone is currently not so promising
(not working and no clue how to debug). Can somebody on the list give me
hints how to proceed / where to find helpful docs? Most certainly I just
searched at the wrong places.

@Harri: Yes the 530 is nice and cheap. Personally I took the 630 after
seeing both next to each other.  Regarding the specs it looks almost the
same (but 40 Euros more expensive), however the Gorilla Glass and the
better display imho is worth spending the extra money (if you want to use
it as a daily-life phone, not only as debugging device).

Matthias Degenkolb
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