[Interest] Using a iOS Camera in 5.5 vs 5.4?

Jason H jhihn at gmx.com
Fri Jul 3 00:25:59 CEST 2015

I hit send too soon.

I get the message:
"defaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for - "org.qt-project.qt.camera"" - I googled this and found some old 5.2 references, but nothing recently.

Any help is appreciated.

Also the 5.4 app and the new app in 5.5 are being deployed to the same phone.

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> Subject: [Interest] Using a iOS Camera in 5.5 vs 5.4?
> I have an app that uses the camera. It started with 5.3, ships on 5.4. It works on iOS.
> I started another app today, and I copied the ios block from the .pro into the new project, as well as a few other settings (app icons, launch screens) 
> I use the same VideoOutput/Camera setup, but the ViewFinder does not appear.
> It works on Android and Desktop. 
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