[Interest] Indie Mobil Program terminated?

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Hello all, 

We are on the same situation as many here as I see. We are about to
submit our first app to apple store, in a couple of weeks or so... What
are we supposed to do now? 

I sincerely hope that the indie license will be restored. At least give
us a last month so we get a chance to subscribe before it's cut. We are
working ont this project for free on our spare time for the time being,
and there's no way we can invest 350$ per month until we know if we are
successful or not... 

Philippe Lelong. 

Le 03-07-2015 17:22, Jason H a écrit : 

> We have a commerical license for Charts on the server side of things. I'll probably switch this out to use Chart.js. 
> We use professional support quite often. This is normally a result of an issue with Qt and in most cases a parity issue between mobile platforms. I think we should be done using support with 5.5 as our required features are finally working on Andriod and iOS. 
> I don't use any commercial features on our mobile platforms, aside from being able to be on the right side of things in the App stores. The QtQuickCompiler, which I attempted to use was crashing on Android 5.0 with Qt5.4, and I never saw much advantage to it, so I disabled it. 
> Again, I'd like to reiterate I think it is premature to kill the Indie mobile license when the mobile platforms have __FINALLY__ reached parity. And have just added real valuable mobile features like: 
> -- BT4.0 
> -- Location services 
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>> Why Apple and Google give their dev tools free ? They don't make money
>> from long tail either but they
>> know that getting successful apps you need to have this long tail also.
> To be fair this is because they don't make money from the tools, they get money by taking a cut of your sales (so called 'democratization'). These probably aren't valid avenues for Qt. I think its difficult to come up with a business model to sell software that's good enough to sustain your company, especially when your code base is mostly open source under a libre license. 
> As a side note, I'm kind of curious as to how many people buy a commerical license of Qt just to deploy it on platforms where LGPL isn't allowed vs people that are just after commercial-only features and support. _______________________________________________ Interest mailing list Interest at qt-project.org http://lists.qt-project.org/mailman/listinfo/interest [1] 
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