[Interest] Indie Mobil Program terminated?

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On 03 Jul 2015, at 18:01, Preet <prismatic.project at gmail.com> wrote:

>> Why Apple and Google give their dev tools free ? They don't make money
>> from long tail either but they
>> know that getting successful apps you need to have this long tail also.
> To be fair this is because they don't make money from the tools, they get money by taking a cut of your sales (so called 'democratization'). These probably aren't valid avenues for Qt. I think its difficult to come up with a business model to sell software that's good enough to sustain your company, especially when your code base is mostly open source under a libre license. 

You get money from tools when your customers get money selling their sofware. Wen you are getting enough money from your sofware to hire workers and pay salaries you certainly are willing to pay about professionally supported tools. It is better to pay about support and get product quickly to market than paying a lot of salary resolving issues.

The issue is that how to get that posiion that you sell enough to pay salaries and professional support. 

As working with developers a long time, i saw how many successfull applications started from small individual developer or small startup. Even in case of startup, you need to have something more than just idea to show investor to get money. 

> As a side note, I'm kind of curious as to how many people buy a commerical license of Qt just to deploy it on platforms where LGPL isn't allowed vs people that are just after commercial-only features and support.

I work on company that has professional license and we make mobile app. In mobile IOS is in application volumes leading platform. To develop mobile, you need to support IOS and may be even make it first.  In our case licence issue wes clearly number one, then commercíal support is very important. At the moment, we have not use any "commercial features".

If would be in position to start mobile appliction development from scratch without any investors money just with my own, i would consider IOS native app first or If i want portbility, make application logic with C++ and native mobile UI.

Qt company least should consider simple licence only option for indie developers. Just take money and give permission to distribute via appstore without any support or professional tools. May be even limiting it to something than 10000€/month app sales revenue. Over that you should have professional licence. This 10000€ minus all taxes and expences is jabou you need to pay one persons salary. Or if this requires too much work and produces no enoug revenue to cover costs, then they could even allow sales in appstore for this 10000€/month with OSS version before professional licence is needes.

This is win-win situation, Qt company is not loosing any revenue but some of these apps succeed and grow to level when they buy professional licence.


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