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Dmitry Volosnykh dmitry.volosnykh at gmail.com
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John, if there are good examples of mobile applications, I believe they
should be listed here: http://showroom.qt.io

On Sat, Jul 11, 2015 at 5:21 AM, John C. Turnbull <ozemale at ozemail.com.au>

> Amongst all the debate around the Indie license, some mention was made of
> Qt Mobile not quite "being ready yet".
> So, for someone considering Qt for lots of things including mobile, could
> someone please answer these questions for me:
> 1. Which Qt features do not currently work on iOS or Android?
> 2. Which Qt features are likely never to work on those platforms and why?
> 3. How does the performance of a Qt mobile app differ from a native one
> (if at all)?
> 4. Are there APIs or features of either iOS or Android that Qt cannot
> access?
> 5. How does the look and feel of a Qt mobile app compare to a native one?
> 6. How does Qt integrate with standard mobile controls and features like
> tumblers for date selection, word auto complete and auto correct, custom
> keyboards for each scenario like entering an email address, URL, phone
> number etc.?
> 7. How does Qt integrate the native mobile browser in such a way that the
> standard effects and transformations that can be applied to other Qt
> objects be applied?
> 8. Are there any legal restrictions on what a Qt app can do on mobile
> platforms or in relation to suitability for App Store distribution?
> 9. What are some good examples of existing Qt apps running on iOS and/or
> Android?
> Answers to these questions will greatly assist in my decision making
> process so I would be very appreciative if one or more people could respond
> to them.
> Thanks,
> -jct
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