[Interest] Qt.io confusing website ... where are the pricing table and how to get indie license ?

Gian Maxera gmaxera at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 10:28:22 CEST 2015

I don’t know if in this mailing list there is someone in charge of developing the Qt.io new website … so, sorry If I’m complaining on the wrong list, but the new Qt.io website is a nightmare maze ! :-(
There is no way to understand what Qt does on different platform and license.
Where is a simple pricing table with what’s included or not ? Where is a list and a comparison of what it’s included for each commercial license ?
What are the purpose of the wizard-questions that get you to one of the Qt products ? The questions are very strange and weird ! 
Why I cannot just select the type of the license I want without answering to all these questions ?
How can I get the indie license ? I tried to answer in different ways trying a lot of combination … but I always end on two possible outcomes: LGPL free and 350$/month commercial one !
So, are there only two type of licensing ? So, why just do not clear say that on the website ?

Sorry about this complain … but I’m complaining because I love Qt … and the old website was so good, so clear, so simple … that this new confusion, obscure website does not help me to spread the voice about the powerful of Qt.


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