[Interest] Qt.io confusing website ... where are the pricing table and how to get indie license ?

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Thu Jul 16 20:17:07 CEST 2015

On Thursday 16 July 2015 17:16:34 Daniel Fran├ža wrote:
> Game: *Find the "Qt in mobile" track of conferences on Qt World Summit 2015*
> http://blog.qt.io/blog/2015/07/16/qt-world-summit-2015-whats-better-than-a-s
> peaker-announcement/
> I don't know, I'm afraid that Qt is not caring much about mobile anymore.

"Qt Mobile" and "Qt Embedded" tracks haven't existed since at least 2008, when 
Trolltech Marketing decided that we should merge everything and not make the 

Instead, all speakers were supposed to talk about Mobile/Embedded in their 
sessions. That worked only partially. A developer talking about the new 
Windows style improvements could not really talk about Mobile/Embedded. So 
today, what you've got is session groups, but not usually not on "which 
platform you're running on".

[I've been a speaker in all Dev Days since 2008]

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