[Interest] Qt.io confusing website ... where are the pricing table and how to get indie license ?

Elvis Stansvik elvstone at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 16:30:01 CEST 2015

2015-07-16 10:28 GMT+02:00 Gian Maxera <gmaxera at gmail.com>:
> Hello,
> I don’t know if in this mailing list there is someone in charge of developing the Qt.io new website … so, sorry If I’m complaining on the wrong list, but the new Qt.io website is a nightmare maze ! :-(
> There is no way to understand what Qt does on different platform and license.
> Where is a simple pricing table with what’s included or not ? Where is a list and a comparison of what it’s included for each commercial license ?
> What are the purpose of the wizard-questions that get you to one of the Qt products ? The questions are very strange and weird !
> Why I cannot just select the type of the license I want without answering to all these questions ?
> How can I get the indie license ? I tried to answer in different ways trying a lot of combination … but I always end on two possible outcomes: LGPL free and 350$/month commercial one !
> So, are there only two type of licensing ? So, why just do not clear say that on the website ?
> Sorry about this complain … but I’m complaining because I love Qt … and the old website was so good, so clear, so simple … that this new confusion, obscure website does not help me to spread the voice about the powerful of Qt.

Not going to go into the whole indie mobile thing and only comment on
the web site.

While I agree that it needs improvement in specific areas, I don't
think it's a "train wreck" or a "maze" like others have said. When
they say "maze" I think it's about the strange wizard you get when you
click "Download", and there I agree that it really needs to go, or be
moved to some other place. The "Download" link should lead to exactly
that, downloads, as quick as possible.

If the wizard is to be kept, I think it's important to not have things
like (visible on the first page):

    "NOTE: There are many aspects of open source licensing to
consider. This is just a high level guide and not intended to replace
legal counsel."

Somehow suggesting that "legal counsel" is the first thing you should
consider is not a very friendly way to greet people new to your

It's also strange that it's possible to "walk the maze" and end up at
a page that suggest "Contact us for an offer that suits your needs".
You clicked "Download", you should not be able to end up in a place
where you don't get to any downloads (effectively a dead end). It's
horrible usability.

Another small nitpick on that page (see attached screenshot) is the
two subtitles "Commercial". When they are juxtaposed like that it
looks kind of weird. It's also weird that they are the _only_
subtitles under "Qt for Application Development" and "Qt for Device

Apart from that I kind of like the new site. Or rather, I would like
it if I was completely new to Qt. For people like me that already use
Qt and have for a long time, we mostly just use the Developer part of
the site.

But the Download page. It really needs to be fixed. It should be
downloads, not a wizard to (maybe) end up where you wanted.


> Ciao,
> Gianluca.
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