[Interest] how to handle non-ASCII input in qt

Will Parsons varro at nodomain.invalid
Sat Jul 18 22:58:39 CEST 2015

On Saturday, 18 Jul 2015  2:42 AM -0400, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> On Friday 17 July 2015 20:38:59 varro wrote:
>> I'm writing a Qt application using the ruby bindings in which I need
>> to be able to support entering non-ASCII data (accented characters and
>> so on).  Googling seems to indicate that the normal way of handling
>> this is using ibus to provide an input method.  Although I've
>> installed ibus, it doesn't start (running ibus-daemon results in a
>> "cannot execute default panel program"), and I've unable to solve
>> this.  (Documentation on ibus is appalling.)  Can anyone help with
>> this?
>> (Note: this is using X under FreeBSD, no DE [just a window manager].)
> You don't need to do anything, not even run a DE or an IME (like ibus). It 
> should simply work out of the box, provided your X configuration is correct.
> Make sure your X can produce those characters and you're set.

OK - that's helpful information.  I still don't know what do, but you
say this can be handled at the X level, somehow?

> If you can't, then you should simply copy & paste from a character table, like 
> the one shown by kcharselect.

Hmm.  I tried copy-pasting a character from Emacs, without success.
But even if that were to work, I'd want some way to allow the user to
input common characters like "é" with some easily-remembered key
combination, e.g., "e'" (or something).


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