[Interest] Showing QGuiApplication/QML application on a given HWND ref.

Bo Thorsen bo at vikingsoft.eu
Wed Jun 3 11:48:18 CEST 2015

Den 03-06-2015 kl. 08:56 skrev Nuno Santos:
> When we start a new QGuiApplication, it handles the Window creation on each platform.
> Now imagine that someone would give us a window ref and we wanted to put our Qt application running on it.
> Is this possible?
> I’m building a plugin for an host program that provides the window for the plugin to be shown, but Qt already opens an window.
> Apparently it is not possible to control if that window is provide or not. It seems to be always provided.

In one of my projects I use the Windows setParent() function to inject 
my window over the other applications native window. My window is a 
transparent overlay over the other window. Works perfectly.

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