[Interest] Showing QGuiApplication/QML application on a given HWND ref.

Nuno Santos nunosantos at imaginando.pt
Wed Jun 3 11:59:32 CEST 2015


Is it possible that you can provide further details about this technic?

Do you think this technic will also be possible on Mac?

My window content will be Qml. Initially my approach was starting a QQmlApplicationEngine.

Now, I was considering using a QWidget to takeover the give pointer window and instantiate a QDeclarativeView inside of it in order to have Qml inside the QWidget.

With your suggestion, I believe you are getting the window id from the already created QWidget or QQmlApplicationEngine. My question is how do you get the window pointer from an already instantiated Qt window in order to try this approach?



> On 03 Jun 2015, at 10:48, Bo Thorsen <bo at vikingsoft.eu> wrote:
> Den 03-06-2015 kl. 08:56 skrev Nuno Santos:
>> When we start a new QGuiApplication, it handles the Window creation on each platform.
>> Now imagine that someone would give us a window ref and we wanted to put our Qt application running on it.
>> Is this possible?
>> I’m building a plugin for an host program that provides the window for the plugin to be shown, but Qt already opens an window.
>> Apparently it is not possible to control if that window is provide or not. It seems to be always provided.
> In one of my projects I use the Windows setParent() function to inject 
> my window over the other applications native window. My window is a 
> transparent overlay over the other window. Works perfectly.
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