[Interest] 5.4.2 Android Misery just one typo away

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> All of us open source hacks have at least some duty to report landmines to
> the rest.
> 2 years?
> Burned as well.
> More prominent in the docs?
> The docs could serve a wider audience by adding in "landmines"
> notes in each section where there is a reported landmine.
> Landmine defined as passing compiler checks but definitely a user error.
>   In my case, a bloody typographical error.

It's certainly one of the uglier gotchas people run into. Here is my humble attempt to document it more prominently:


Anyhow, adding stuff to the documentation only helps so much, since people also have to read it :)

In general, I consider deriving from Q*Application sort of an anti-pattern. You fall for it because, hey, you're writing 'application logic' , so the logic should go into something derived from *Application. Anyhow, unless you're really overriding one of the virtual methods there's just no reason to subclass. Just put your business logic in a separate, QObject based class. This way you avoid all of this mess.



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