[Interest] Building a large desktop application with QML/QtQuick?

Russell Warren russ at perspexis.com
Fri Jun 19 21:00:35 CEST 2015

I'm contemplating making a large/monolothic/modular desktop application
with QML/QtQuick.  The application would be a client-side application for a
back-end server with a lot of data.  There will be a wide variety of
interfaces to manage, including: many forms for creating/modifying various
server-side objects; a large number of table/treeview displays for
exploring data, and many varieties of interactive graphs/charts.  Data
viewing must scale up to millions of data points of diverse types...
ListView, TableView, and the new TreeView controls would definitely be
heavily used.  It is also worth saying that the control count/density would
be pretty high. Portions of the application would be like an IDE, or like
Excel (but JMP [1] is a better example).

Starting proof of concepts with QML look really promising.  In particular,
the GUI design/layout model is so enjoyable that reverting back to Qt
Widgets development feels clunky and old (I hate to say that... I love Qt
Widgets!).  QML works very nicely.  Binding on its own is awesome.

However, before a more significant investment into the QtQuick path, I
figured it was worth asking a few questions on this list:

   1. Can anyone think of any fundamental reason to NOT do the interface
   with QML? ie: Any compelling reasons that we should stick with old-school
   Qt Widgets?
   2. Does anyone know of any existing examples of large applications built
   with QtQuick?
   3. Does anyone know of any good resources on structuring large QtQuick

For the last question, this document is a great start:


I'm looking for further ideas or examples.  Especially ones that include
thoughts on organizing large numbers of custom qml components into
modules/hirerarchies to keep coding somewhat sane.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


[1] http://www.jmp.com/en_us/software/jmp.html
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