[Interest] How to combine glLineWidth call with Qt3D in QML?

Björn Breitmeyer bjoern.breitmeyer at kdab.com
Wed Sep 9 10:17:13 CEST 2015


you shouldn't rely on glLineWidth at all. It works only for a very limited 
amount of values, if at all. Its a deprecated feature, if you want thick lines 
you will need to create a triangle strip.

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Björn Breitmeyer

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Am Mittwoch, 9. September 2015, 03:39:10 schrieb Bin Chen:
> Hi, Guys,
> I am evaluating Qt3D with a new project. I wrote a customised Qt3D object
> for loading and displaying triangle mesh lines in 3d scene and wondering
> where I can put in glLineWidth to change the line width.
> What I am doing is inheriting from Qt3D::QAbstractMesh, and providing a
> Qt3D::QAbstractMeshFunctorPtr to return Qt3D::QMeshData constructed with
> Qt3D::QMeshData::Lines. 
> I can’t find anywhere I can specify the line width in any Qt3D QML objects.
> I know I can achieve that by shaders but I think using glLineWidth is a
> simpler way to do it.
> Does Qt3D allow me to specify any OpenGL function calls during rendering for
> a particular object?
> Thanks very much!
> Bin Chen
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