[Interest] Trouble setting stylesheet for widget

Shinnok admin at shinnok.com
Wed Sep 9 18:14:35 CEST 2015

Hi list,

I'm currently having a lot of trouble setting object specific stylesheet. I'm on Qt 5.4.2/OSX 10.10/Creator 3.5.0. The stylesheet is set from Creator -> Designer on the object property:

#mainTabWidget::tab {


However this:
#mainTabWidget<whitespace here>::tab {

Seems to apply. I don't remember this being the case with stylesheets syntax for selectors nor the documentation yields that. This is also not the first time I'm touching QSS. Full stylesheet in question https://github.com/Tarsnap/tarsnap-gui/blob/master/forms/mainwindow.ui#L76 . None of those rules get applied for some reason.

Maybe it's my setup or a Qt toolchain bug. Any idea as to what's going on here?


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