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Fri Sep 11 20:37:47 CEST 2015


Someone must have come across this problem before.

Loader->sourceComponent is too heavy and causes screen flicker.

QMetaObject::invokeMethod(gobj,"doLayout",Qt::QueuedConnection) does not 
work on QQuickText class objects.

Hopefully someone has already skinned this cat.



On 9/11/2015 11:39 AM, md at rpzdesign.com wrote:
> Hello List:
> Anybody have ideas on how to cause a QML refresh to repaint a QML Window
> or component.
> I tried setting the sourceComponent value of Loader but it causes a good
> amount of screen flicker and has some of optimizations so it will not
> reload the same component 2 times in a row, as if the componentCache is
> absorbing the successive update requests.
> This problem is generally for Text { text : "English" } -> Text { text:
> "Espanol" } language changes, but it could be for most anything.
> And its kind of a pain to consider having to recurse through a component
> tree looking for a property an update it.
> Window()->findChildren()->setProperty() is one possibility.
> Some posts have talked about "notify" signal, but messing around with
> slots for every GUI component seems incorrect.
> Any ideas?
> md

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